Swimimg Pool

  • The hotel offers a generously sized seawater outdoor pool.
  • Open every day from 8am to 7pm (Weather permitting)
  • Pool Towels are available from reception.
  • Pool Bar is open 9am – 4pm daily (June – September)

We strongly recommend maintaining social distancing rules at the beach and swimming pools. We would like to remind you that different measures may be needed for all of the other sports activities.

Social Distance

According to our social distance plan, we arranged our lobby, restaurants and bars to provide 1,5 meters clearance between each table and adjustments has been made in some of our areas and services.

In line with our social distance plan, 1,5 meters social distance rule has been applied between double sunbed groups.

To facilitate you to follow social distancing, we placed signs at the service areas where you may have to wait.

Our Employees

All of our employees received special trainings about hygiene and COVID-19 pandemic.

Depending on the area and the service, our employees are using personal protective equipment such as mask, gloves or face shields.

We follow hygiene standards and practices in employee areas within the same perspective as service areas in a meticulous way.

Our Expectations From You

Thank you for protecting not only your health, also the health of other guests and our employees by following procedures and taking measures.

Please use the elevators only with the persons you are staying with and if the elevator is occupied by others, we kindly ask you to wait for the next elevator.

In hotel premises, while using the service areas please follow the social distancing measures. Social distancing signs, notices and markings placed by hotel management will help you to maintain social distance rules.

For your use, we placed hand disinfectants at the entrances of the service areas. Please disinfect your hands frequently throughout the day.

Due to social distancing measures and enhanced hygiene requirements, the usage time of some of our services may change or may require a reservation. Please get in contact reception for more information by dialling 0 or message us through Whatsapp.

If you or any of your family members develop common signs of COVID-19 including respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties we kindly ask you to remain in your room and get in contact with reception or guest relations without any delay by dialling 0 or message us through Whatsapp..

During your contact with the other commercial businesses within the hotel or outside of the hotel, or during the events that you will attend outside of the hotel, please follow all of the health measures. If you plan to attend an event outside of the hotel, please inform the reception prior to your participation. After your participation in these events, if you develop or feel any symptoms that may can be related with COVID-19, we kindly ask you to get in contact with reception by dialling 0 or message us through Whatsapp.

We would like to kindly remind you that, legal consequences may arise if you hide, hold out on from hotel management any information regarding COVID-19 symptoms or findings or if you don’t follow the measures.

Health and Safety

As always been, health and safety of our guests and employees remains our highest priority.

With the experts in our team, we have carefully taken the necessary precautions to provide you with a safer holiday environment in accordance with the guidance of the World Health Organization and the legal regulations of the Health and Tourism authorities in the pandemic process announced on 11th March 2020.

During your stay, we kindly ask you to follow these measures in order to protect not only your health also to protect the health of other guests and our employees serving you.

We adapted our training programs, cleaning, disinfection practices and quality control activities to emerging risks, requirements and we are actively maintaining these practices and we clean all areas with disinfection equipment according to the nature of the surfaces in line with the relevant standards..

Your room is cleaned with disinfectant products and made ready for your use, and the bathroom amenities in your room are single-use.

Daily cleaning of your room will be done by our housekeeping personnel by wearing a mask and disposable gloves. If you do not prefer our employees to enter your room for daily cleaning, towel change or mini bar service please inform the reception.

TV Channel List

  • 1 TV Malta
  • 2 CNN HD
  • 3 CBS HD
  • 4 NBC HD
  • 5 ABC HD
  • 6 FOX-HD
  • 7 BBC HD
  • 8 ITV HD
  • 9 Showtime WEST HD
  • 10 Bravo HD
  • 11 Comedy Central HD
  • 12 E! Entertainment News HD
  • 13 BBC America HD
  • 14 The Weather Channel HD
  • 15 Fox News HD
  • 16 FOX Business Network HD
  • 16 Bloomberg Television HD
  • 17 HLN-HD
  • 18 MSNBC HD
  • 19 NFL Network HD
  • 20 NBC Sports Network HD
  • 21 Golf Channel-HD
  • 22 Discovery-HD
  • 23 Travel Channel-HD
  • 24 History Channel-HD
  • 25 Food Network-HD
  • 26 TBS-HD
  • 27 TNT-HD
  • 28 MTV-HD
  • 29 VH1-HD
  • 30 BET-HD
  • 31 Cartoon Network(West)-HD
  • 32 Disney Channel(West)-HD
  • 33 Nickelodeon(West)-HD
  • 34 ABC Family-HD
  • 35 Hallmark Channel-HD
  • 36 Lifetime Channel-HD
  • 37 The Learning Channel-HD
  • 38 Animal Planet-HD
  • 39 A&E-HD
  • 40 AMC-HD
  • 41 USA-HD
  • 42 Spike TV-HD
  • 43 FX-HD
  • 44 Syfy-HD
  • 45 Turner Classic Movies-HD
  • 46 The Movie Channel(East)-HD
  • 47 Showtime 2 HD
  • 48 Sundance Channel-HD
  • 49 Univision-HD
  • 50 Galavision
  • 51 Reelz Channel
  • 52 FLIX
  • 53 ESPNNews-HD
  • 54 ESPN U-HD
  • 55 TV Land-HD
  • 56 CMT-HD
  • 57 Christian Television Network
  • 58 C-SPAN
  • 59 Nick Jr.
  • 60 WE: Womens Entertainment

WI-FI & Phone

Is a Wi-Fi free of cost?
Yes, its free of cost for Gillieru Harbour Hotel Guest during your stay.

How secure is BT wireless broadband?
To help make sure you receive a safe and reliable service, BT Wi-Fi encrypts your account details at log in. We also advise you use up to date firewall and anti-virus software to guard against any attacks, and we strongly recommend you use a virtual private network (VPN). This protects your data from being intercepted.

I chose to charge Wi-Fi access to my room, but my device won’t connect. What should I do?
Please call 0 or visit the hotel reception,

I need to call from Malta what is the country code to dial out?
Dial 9 for outside line, for country code please visit this website link 
e.g Dail  9 – wait for tone – 0044 for UK