Landmarks in Malta

Malta boasts some of the most beautiful natural beaches in the Mediterranean, and is full with historic riches which we inherited from past rulers .  Check out some of the most popular landmarks below.

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Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon's name is due to its clear sky blue natural water color. This beach is very popular in the Summer period, and is situated on the island of Gozo.

St. John's Co - Cathedral

St. John's Co-Cathedral is situated in Valletta, and is considered as an international heritage site. Full to the brim with frescoes, religious artefacts, and some of Caravaggio's most famous works.

Village Feasts

Nothing shouts traditional as our local village feasts. Each Maltese village has a yearly feast dedicated to town's religious patron.  This consists in fireworks, live band, religious statues and guaranteed fun. Ask our reception or a calendar of village feasts, as there's plenty in Summer.


Mdina is Malta's old capital city, and is nicknamed ''The Silent Ciy'', as it is prohibited to make noise inside its fortified walls. Imdina is a truly once in a lifetime experience, with plenty of hisotircal museums and amazing views which cover more than half of the island.


Gozo is Malta's sister island.  You can access it via private boat transport or the national Gozy ferry service from Cirkewwa. Gozo has is renowned for its spectacular greenery and large sandy beaches. A must do.

St. Julians

St. Julian's is Malta's number spot for entertainment, bars, nightlife and partying. Whether for a beer with friends or looking for a great night out, this is your place to go.


Check out our capital city, Valletta. You will fall in love with its vertical streets, and appreciate its medieval roots and the historical prestige it carries. Valletta was selected as the capital city of Europe for 2019.