The Gillieru Restaurant is known for its high quality dishes, fresh seafood, and optimal service. These values root back over a hundred of years. Back in 1900, Toni known as Il-Gillieru, set up a small eating place for the building contractors and masons who were building up the seaside village of St. Paul’s Bay. In 1965, his descendants inaugurated The Gillieru restaurant with its spacious dining room, open air verandas, modern kitchen, and a large fish tank in the cellar for live lobsters and fish. Amidst its cherished memories is the grand opening on May 23rd 1965 when during an entertaining evening the guests were serenaded by the friendly bantering of the Hon. Dr. George Borg Olivier, and Dr. Anton Buttigieg (then prime minister and opposition leader) in the form of Maltese folk singing ‘ghana.

The Gillieru Restaurant, situated in the fishing village of St. Paul’s Bay, is ideal for anyone seeking a unique dining experience. The diner will always be warmly welcomed, whether one wants to savor a light snack, a relaxing lunch or a sumptuous dinner. Mouth-watering dishes can be enjoyed while looking out onto spectacular sea views. Spacious dining areas, and an A’ la Carte menu that adapts well to customer needs, be it a quick lunch or a special luncheon for that memorable occasion, terraces with breath-taking bay views or enjoy the cool summer evening breeze as you dine beneath the stars. This makes the Gillieru Restaurant one of Malta’s most exclusive dining venues.

Open all day, the Gillieru Restaurant is the ideal venue for Business Lunches, on week days the atmosphere is more relaxed, essential if you want to entertain a client or close that important deal. More important, the locality assures the availability of fresh fish, which is guaranteed to be always of the best quality and the freshest on the market. 

The Gillieru Restaurant menu is continuously enhanced, but staple favourites are a constant. Our menu is complimented by a comprehensive and attractively priced wine list. Service at Gillieru Restaurant is of paramount importance and an unobtrusive but exceptionally friendly team of staff, working promptly and efficiently, aided by the ever-attentive proprietors, hallmarks the dining experience. Reservations are always recommended, especially if one wishes special seating.